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Welcome to Healthy Food 4 Life

Welcome to Healthy Food 4 Life, a wellness website and blog where you can find:

  • Healthy, delicious recipes that are simple to make
  • Facts and information on healthy foods and ingredients
  • Tips for living a healthy life
  • Advice from me, Kim Seiden, a certified nutrition consultant

The Power of Healthy Eating

Making the choice to live a healthy life is within your control. You can totally transform your life by adopting healthy habits and learning how to eat healthy. The benefits of this type of lifestyle are endless: increased energy, less stomach upset, regularity, mental clarity, better sleep, vibrant skin, healthy hair and nails, permanent weight loss, increased immunity from illness and disease.

The process is simple and enjoyable. You will not feel deprived–you will feel better than ever! I can help you to achieve this. Contact me today to start learning which of the foods you are eating and which of your daily habits may be sabotaging your health. It’s never too late to start your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Begin Your Healthy Life Today!

Featured Services

Healthy Food 4 Life Program

Wouldn’t it feel good to be done with dieting forever? Make the choice to live a healthy life and unharness the power of healthy eating.

Maintenance Program

Individual monthly or bi-weekly private sessions scheduled as needed to record progress and help you keep on track!

Individual Nutrition Sessions

Individual private sessions to address your specific needs.

Private Grocery Tour

Light? Low fat? Natural? GMO? Confused? We will look at labels together!

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