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Kim has helped numerous people lose weight and inches, get off cholesterol and blood pressure medications, feel better and have more energy. The Healthy Food 4 Life programs have helped countless people change their way of life for the better. Here are some client testimonials:

It’s been 7 months since I started following your suggestions, and I have to tell you that my primary care physician was impressed with my results today. My total cholesterol dropped from 191 last December to 152 today!!! She also remarked at the difference in my weight. At last December’s doctor’s visit I was 130 pounds. Today I was 115 pounds.

Beth W.

Wanted to let you know my daughter and I were very happy tonight. The doctor told us my daughter lost 8 pounds! This is very good news, and we were praising you to her doctor.

Sarah P.

It’s been a few months and I still practice what you’ve taught me, eating all the yummy foods…not only do I feel great, but I look great too!

Noelle S.

I have learned so many very simple tips that make a difference in the way that I look at food. I also learned about foods to avoid. I learned that it’s ok to allow yourself a treat.

Lauren B.

You are great at listening for the triggers that sabotage my weight loss. I learned a good amount of tricks for adding healthful options to all my meals.

Gavin L.

Through Kim’s guidance on healthier eating, counting calories is a thing of the past. I never feel like I’m on a diet and I have lost 42 pounds!

Sharon K.

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