My Walmart jackpot! Also known as “Who says you can’t buy healthy food at Walmart?”

If you can deal with the crowds, the crazy parking lot and the slow checkout lines, Walmart is a great place to save money on a huge amount of items.  Living in Northbrook, I would say Walmart definitely has the best prices compared to most stores in the area.  I often go there to buy flowers to plant in the spring, cleaning supplies, storage bins, etc., but I rarely buy groceries there. I just figured the selection wasn’t “quality” enough for my particular taste. HOWEVER, I stand corrected.

Walmart may not be the store I would go to daily for my groceries, and I may not choose to buy my deli foods or meats there because I am VERY picky about those things,  but I will tell you that you can certainly go to Walmart and leave with a great selection of quality items at great prices. 

Check out the staples I purchased and how their prices compare to Whole Foods’ prices on similar if not the exact items.  Surprisingly, Whole Foods’ prices weren’t much higher on some of the items, but overall, you can save a good amount of cash by buying some of your grocery items at Walmart.

This is my Walmart jackpot!   I have reviewed the ingredients and Nutrition Facts on all of these items to be sure they are not harmful or unhealthy, so you can rest assured that these items are Kim-approved:)  

  1. Great Value Brand Old Fashioned Thick Rolled Oats $2.67 for 42 oz. (Whole Foods price $5.29) Oats are not just for breakfast!  Add raw oats to smoothies and use them to make my No-Bake Power Balls and 4-Ingredient Banana Cookies (recipes on the blog!)
  2. Deming’s Canned Red Sockeye Wild Salmon $5.48 for 7.5 oz. (Whole Foods price $6.22) Eat this fantastic quality protein often in place of tuna.
  3. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna $3.94 for 5 oz. (Whole Foods price $4.69)  Always great to have this in the house when you need a last minute lunch, dinner or salad topper!
  4. Terri Lynn Roasted Unsalted Almonds $4.98 for 8 oz. (Whole Foods price $4.99) Keep these in a bowl on your kitchen counter for a great easy-grab snack! 
  5. 20 Twining’s Tea Bags $3.18 (Whole Foods price $3.29)  I’ve been looking everywhere for this specific tea!  Although it’s unsweetened, it has a mildly sweet taste and is nice to sip on in the evening instead of eating dessert while you’re bingeing one of your favorite tv shows!
  6. Great Value Brand Individual Organic Animal Cookie Packs $3.98 for a box of 12 one-ounce packs  (Whole Foods price $3.99 for 8 packs) These little yummies contain only 6 grams of sugar per packet, so they work to please your sweet tooth after dinner.
  7. Great Value Brand Organic Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend $3.22 for 16 oz. (Whole Foods price $3.99)  Perfect for a side dish at dinner or to add to a homemade soup. Check out the soup recipes on my blog!
  8. MaraNatha Raw Almond Butter $15.48 for 12 oz. (Whole Foods price $19.99) Anyone who shops for almond butter knows it practically requires a loan from the bank to buy it.  Crazy expensive.  At least I saved over $4.00 with this Walmart find.  
  9. Badia Organic Milled Flaxseed $3.48 for 16 oz. (Whole Foods price $5.99)  Use a tablespoon of this daily to add healthy fats and fiber to your diet.  Add it to a smoothie or sprinkle it on almond butter and toast.   
  10. Great Value Brand Organic Spices (Thyme and Ginger) $3.97 each (Whole Foods price $3.99 each) Spices are uber-healthy, so use them heavy-handedly.
  11. Good Culture Cottage Cheese $1.37 for 5.5 oz (Whole Foods price $1.99) Cottage cheese contains good bacteria for our gut, so keep these in the fridge for an afternoon snack.  Top with frozen blueberries or some arugula and sun dried tomatoes if you prefer a savory flavor.
  12. Carapelli Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil $11.83 for 25.5 oz. (Whole Foods price $15.99) I go through olive oil like water, but it’s another item that can break the bank.  At Walmart, I saved over $4.00 on one of my favorite unfiltered brands.
  13. Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Crackers $4.33 for 5.5 oz (Whole Foods price $5.69 each) These are yummy and full of fiber, protein and lots of healthy seeds!  Enjoy as a snack with hummus or a little cheese.


So the bottom line is if you know what to look for, you can come home from pretty much any grocery store with a cart full of healthy items.  And save money while you’re at it!


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