Healthy Food 4 Life - Kim SeidenWelcome to Healthy Food 4 Life!

My name is Kim Seiden and I am a Nutrition Consultant with a love and a passion for healthy eating!

I believe that healthy food is the key to providing your body with the tools it needs to function optimally.  When your body is healthy, it has a much better chance of fighting off all of the horrible diseases that plague our world today.   In fact, this quote that I found has been one of the most convincing things I have ever come across and after reading it, my foot was firmly planted on a road to healthy eating:

The nutrients in the foods we consume communicate with our genes, delivering information that alters which aspects of our genes–those that promote health or those that engender dysfunction and disease–will be activated.  Research has shown that even the genes we’ve inherited that render us more susceptible to various chronic diseases do not, inevitably, cause disease.  Their damaging messages remain silent unless we make food, lifestyle or environmental choices that trigger them into action.”  (The World’s Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan)


But if that isn’t enough evidence for you to start eating healthy, then here is some more convincing information:

In order for us to look our best on the outside, we need to nourish the inside of our bodies.  When you eat healthfully, your hair, skin, nails and body weight will reflect back to you its gratitude for all of that optimal nourishment!  You will like what you see in the mirror!

Other side effects of eating right include increased energy,  better sleep and a decrease in many common ailments like headaches, low energy, irregularity and stomach issues.  And your clothes will fit better!

Now are you convinced???

Please join me on this journey as we explore healthy foods in all their glory and learn how to cook simple healthy dishes using these natural jewels.

Let’s enjoy real food together…

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