On A Diet? Why Bother?

Let’s just get right to the point.  Diets DO NOT work.  Yes, when you go on a diet and deprive yourself of most foods that you love, you WILL lose weight.  That is awesome! But then, almost inevitably, you WILL gain it back.  Not so awesome.

Isn’t that a waste of hard work, willpower, mental focus and discomfort for something temporary?  And going on something that is just another word for “diet”, like “Whole 30” or a “Cleanse” or a “No-Carb” diet or whatever, is no different than a diet.  Because can you really keep up with that type of eating forever?  I don’t think so.  And that is the actual key to lasting weight loss and the reason diets don’t work.  They are not longstanding.

The best way to lose weight and keep the weight off is not to have that as your goal in the first place.  I mean, of course if you are overweight, your goal is to lose weight.  But why not put your efforts toward something that will help you avoid getting to the point where you NEED to diet or lose weight?

Learn to live and eat in a healthy way and make it a part of your life forever, so that you don’t have all of the ups and downs and stresses of gaining and losing weight all of the time. This means make healthy eating and exercise a way of life–no matter whatNOT except when it’s summer, except when you’re on vacation, except when you’re busy at work, except when it’s your birthday, except when you work late, except when it’s a holiday, except when it’s a long weekend, except when you’re anxious or going through a hard time, except when you go out to eat, except when you’re kids are driving you crazy, except when you have out of town guests.  You get my point.


It’s not that difficult.  It’s not easy and effortless, but it’s not THAT hard.  You know how hard it is to diet and deprive yourself?  Well, it’s way easier than that.  And you do not have to totally deprive yourself of everything you love like sweets, alcohol, grains, fruit, etc.

Here’s the thing:  You MUST commit and be prepared to work every day--not extremely hard but medium-hard, with HUGE benefits.  You CAN NOT be lazy about this.  Living a healthy life takes some effort and thought every day.  Not a ton, but some.  And you can’t blow it off.  If you try it and you see how you can lose weight, stay at a good weight and avoid gaining weight, feel so much better on a daily basis, have less stomach issues and bloating, improve your health, sleep better, have more energy–then you will see that a little effort is so worth it.  Anything worthwhile takes effort, right???

And if you put in a little effort towards eating healthy every day, you won’t have that looming issue at some point ahead of you of “Oh no, now I have gained a lot of weight and have to deal with losing it.”

Please consider this way of life.  I am happy to help and guide you if you need it.  That is what I do.  So contact me if you would like guidance.

At Healthy Food 4 Life, I teach the 10 Tenets of Healthy Living.  Here’s a sneak peek of a couple to get you started:

  1.  Start your day with a 16 ounce glass of water before eating or drinking anything (including coffee!)
  2. Cut out artificial sweeteners in everything

Contact me at kimseid@gmail.com or on this blog.  Start making a change today.  You will not regret it.


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