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Let’s Dive Into Fish!

Making Sense of Fish!
If you’re confused about what kind of fish to eat and buy, you are not alone. The fishing industry has changed a lot and there are many issues with the fish we eat today. Fish farming can be harmful to our waters, farmed fish can contain chemicals and antibiotics and many fish sold in restaurants aren’t what they claim to be. Here is a brief overview of your best options for eating these little aquatic guys:

1. Fish can be a good low fat protein option so do eat it. Shoot for 8 ounces per week which would mean two 3-4 ounce portions.
2. Buy domestic fish rather than imported as our environmental and food safety laws are stricter than other countries
3. Refer to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch or Environmental Defense Fund Seafood Selector websites
4. There really are not standards for “organic” fish so don’t be fooled by that
5. Some of the WORST options are: Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Farmed Salmon, Imported Grouper, Orange Roughy, Imported Shrimp and Imported Swordfish
6. GOOD choices are: US farmed steelhead trout, canned salmon, farmed striped bass, stone crab, tilapia, wild Alaskan salmon, sockeye salmon from Washington, any wild salmon, US albacore tuna, farmed arctic char, cod from US or Canada, Pacific halibut from California, Alaska and Canada, scallops from US or Canada, dover sole, florida pompano, US mahi mahi, farmed and wild oysters, wild and farmed shrimp from US and Canada, walleye from US.

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